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WCA Helps Local Farmers get to grips with Hemp

WCAs were successful in securing a grant from the Dorset AONB Farming in Protected Landscapes Fund to lead an investigation into Hemp as a break crop within a regenerative agricultural system.  The grant, secured through the Raise the Roof project,  brought together a group of local farmers and landowners to explore the opportunities and constraints…

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Our series of webinars about all aspects of community-led housing

Over the course of 2020 we ran a series of webinars to explore different aspects of and steps on the way to community-led housing projects. You can see these at the links below: Community-led Housing: Short IntroductionCommunity-led Housing and WCA: Full IntroductionFinanceBuild with a PartnerBuild it YourselfCreating a group and getting community supportPlanning and design…

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A Review of 2020-21

Over the last year we have completed a change process that began in 2019, supported throughout by the Nationwide Foundation. On 31 March 2021 we transferred complete responsibility for the operation of the Wessex Community Land Trust Project (WCLTP) to Middlemarch Community Led Housing CIC (MCLH).  This new organisation, a not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to securing…

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Changing Chettle

A radical plan for community ownership and regenerative farming. The Chettle Estate in North Dorset consists of nearly 900 acres of arable and pasture land including 60 acres of woodland. It has a thriving village shop, a well-respected restaurant with 8 rooms (the Castleman Hotel) and 33 dwellings in the village of Chettle. The estate,…

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The rise of the Community Benefit Society

One important task of setting up a new community enterprise is selecting the right legal structure that will work for your business.  Its easy to get lost in a maze of terminology and options. In this blog Diana provides a little of the history of the Community Benefit Society and explains why it is the…

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Raise the Roof

How do we create ecological housing, utilising natural materials and local expertise – in ways that are affordable even for those on low incomes? This is the focus of the Raise the Roof project, which is developing a model for locally rooted manufacturing and the construction or retrofitting of affordable housing, linked to regenerative land…

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