Update on Housing Hub services

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Thursday 1st April marks a new chapter in Wessex Community Assets support for community-led housing. Over the last ten years WCA has provided technical assistance to groups wishing to provide affordable homes for their community. Our funding, provided by the Community Housing Fund has now come to an end, and therefore we will no longer be running the Wessex CLT project and the Wessex Community Housing Hub. 

WCA has supported the building of over 200 affordable houses, working with 20 community housing groups, and has been supporting a further 50 which are working towards an additional 500. 

However, we will continue to undertake action research in three areas:

  • Purchase and refurbishment of existing properties linked to raising funds through community share offers,
  • Working with community groups on the development of tiny house projects,
  • And working with partners on the Raise the Roof project, which is linking innovative design of affordable housing to local off-site prefabrication facilities and the use of sustainable, local materials.

WCA will continue to keep partners informed through a quarterly newsletter and post updates on the website. 

Enabling services for community-led housing across Devon, Dorset and Somerset – in particular community land trust and housing association partnerships – will be provided by Middlemarch CIC. If you’re interested in this service, please get in touch with: steve.watson@middlemarchassociates.co.uk