National CLT Network Awards

Congratulations to Liz of Norton sub Hamdon CLT and to Lyme Regis CLT who won the Can’t stop, won’t stop and People-powered homes awards at the National CLT Network AGM. Each received a ‘goose’ to signify that, like geese flying in formation, CLTs take turns to head the chevron. Alison accepted the award on behalf of LRCLT. The presentations were made by Peg Alexander whose film about community housing beautifully captures the passion of local volunteers.


Can’t stop, won’t stop 

The CLT movement is full of unsung heroes and people who continuously go the extra mile, but for no personal gain other than the betterment of their community.  The hours of volunteering time people are willing to give to see positive change means hundreds of awards could get dished out here, but alas we only have one. 

People-powered homes 

Community, community, community. There’s no getting away from it, people are at the heart of this movement. You’re showing the wider housing sector how genuine community engagement is done.