Ashcott – Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Charity Farm

This is a picture of Charity Farm. It is in the High Street near to Manor House. On maps dated 1796, 1886 and 1904 Charity Farm was called Poor Estate Farm. On a 1985 map the name had changed to Charity Farm. When the owner of Poor Estate Farm died  he left the farm and all the proceeds to local charities. There is now a charity called the Miles Hurman Charity. This charity supports local people in the village who are in need.

charityFarm-webAshcott is a village in Sedgmoor District. We are working with the Miles and Hurman Trust, a local charity, to develop affordable homes and other benefits for local people. 85% of voters agreed that the Charity’s land could be used for development – this will mean 9 new affordable homes for local people on land bequeathed to the Trust nearly 300 years ago.