Support services for CLTs

The Wessex CLT Project was established by Wessex Community Assets and the Carnegie UK Trust in April 2010 as a model of how technical support could be provided locally for emerging CLTs. Six years later, over 100 homes have been completed in 10 communities with a similar-sized programme in the pipeline. Nearly 20 CLTs have been established and some of which have gone on to own other community assets such as shops and post offices. In keeping with our original purpose as an ‘action research’ project – i.e. finding out what works and sharing that knowledge – Wessex commissioned some research last year through Dr Tom Moore.

Though interviews with 30 board members of 6 CLTs, Tom found that technical support had been critical to the success of these projects. Based on our experience, we have therefore designed a funding model for providing local technical support to CLTs wherever they might be in the county, whether through sub-regional services like ours or through individual advisers. The new funding model is designed as a rolling loan fund and would be administered by the National CLT Network.