‘Starter Homes on Rural Exception Sites’

The Government is currently consulting on whether to allow the construction of ‘Starter Homes’ on ‘Rural Exception Sites’ – see link below, items 45-47.


‘Starter Homes’ means a property sold at 80% of market value to first time buyers under 40 years of age and at not more than £250,000 outside London. It is proposed that Starter Homes can be sold or rented at full market value after five years and that, normally, buyers need have no local connection to the area where they are built.

‘Rural Exception Site’, on the other hand, means land not normally available for residential development but where homes can be built to meet a proven local need and where they are affordable in perpetuity. The construction of ‘Starter Homes on Rural Exception Sites’ is therefore something of a misnomer in that land adjacent to villages that is not allocated in a Local Plan, or identified by the community to meet local needs, could be developed commercially for homes that will sell or be rented to anyone at market value after 5 years.

If any Wessex-supported CLTs have views on this, please let us know. We will be responding to the Government’s consultation by Monday 25th January.