Recent completions

Symene CLT, West Dorset. In May, Symene CLT and Hastoe held an opening ceremony for their 10 homes. This is one of 9 CLT projects in West Dorset alone, a district becoming renowned for its support for CLTs. Unusually these homes are provided in one community (Bridport) for another (Symondsbury) because there were no sites available in Symondsbury itself. Several of the new residents were previously in poor quality, private rented accommodation and now benefit from 25% lower rents, 75% lower heating costs, security of tenure and even an allotment each thanks to the generosity of the landowners.



Corry Valley CLT, East Devon. Corry Valley CLT and Yarlington gave Dalwood locals and others an opportunity to view their new homes just before completion. The former landowner and many of the future residents were also present as the finishing touches were applied to the landscaping. This has been an exceptionally challenging scheme in terms of financial viability. Whilst Corry Valley CLT won and maintained the support of the wider community, the HCA and Yarlington proved resourceful and committed in seeing the scheme through financially.


Upper Frome Valley CLT, West Dorset. Upper Frome Valley CLT and Aster/Synergy completed their scheme of 14 affordable homes on a site that, until late in the day, looked like it wouldn’t be available. Fortunately, agreement was reached with the landowners just in time for a bid to be successfully made to the HCA.