Not in my back yard?

CLTs consist of people who devote hundreds of hours of their time to bring projects forward. They also stake their local reputations on the quality of the outcome. Never ceasing to be impressed at such commitment, earlier this year Wessex commissioned research into what motivates people to volunteer for CLTs.

The report will be published over the summer but something we’re finding is that the most active members of CLTs can be people who live near to, or overlook, proposed affordable housing sites; sites they helped to select and which provide them no personal gain. Perhaps it is because CLTs now commonly employ their own design teams that some of those who might otherwise find themselves cast as NIMBYs have become so supportive.

The designs emerging from early projects – many of which have been in places such as Areas of Outstanding National Beauty, National Parks or a Conservation Areas – have impressed emerging groups.

Below: strong support for Sixpenny Handley CLT’s proposed site.