New government, new challenges

Before the election, the National CLT Network published its manifesto. A post-election version is now being produced, setting out​​ measures that are both ambitious and achievable under the new government. As part of this, the Network will be making the case for protecting CLT-led projects from the Right to Buy.

For our part, Wessex​ ​​has assessed the impact of the RtB on each of the projects we support, impacts that would differ depending on whether projects are deemed rural or urban, whether they are subject to S106 Agreements, whether HCA grant has been involved, and so on. Whilst most projects would be protected by a continuation of the current statutory exemption for rural communities – an exemption that has had cross-party political support for many years – non-rural CLTs (such as Lyme Regis CLT and Symene CLT, mentioned above) have been equally determined to meet the aspiration of their communities for affordable local homes.

The Network​ ​​is now​ ​taking specialist legal advice on implications of the legislation for CLTs and will be finalising its campaign shortly; a campaign of which we will no doubt all want to be part.