Flourishing CLTs


Established by Wessex Community Assets and Carnegie UK in April 2010, the Wessex CLT Project now supports more than 20 Community Land Trusts across Somerset, Devon and Dorset (see map below). Over the past 5 years:

  • 4 CLT schemes have been completed
  • 7 are on site
  • 3 have planning consent
  • 2 have applications pending, and
  • 6 more are in their formative stages.


More than 100 affordable homes will have been built by the end of this year, all on CLT-owned sites and generating small but steady incomes for the communities themselves. By the end of 2017, we expect that a further 100 homes to have been built on the same basis. Almost all will be partnerships between CLTs (as project leaders and freeholders) and housing associations (as developers and leaseholders).

The latest to have received a planning consent (on June 3rd 2015, subject to S106 Agreement) is Cheriton Bishop CLT’s scheme of 8 homes with Teign Housing. Members of the steering group are shown on site below.