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Wessex Community Assets

Wessex Community Assets aim is to help rural communities become more resilient through access to land and finance.

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Wessex CLT Project

Wessex CLT Project provides comprehensive support to CLTs at various stages of development throughout the three counties.

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Wessex CLT has worked with over 20 different Community Land Trusts throughout Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

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Community Benefit Society

We specialise in helping Community Land Trusts and other community groups in setting up a Community Benefit Society.

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Wessex CLT

We provide comprehensive support to CLTs at various stages of development throughout the three counties.

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I don’t think many people realise how unique and independent the CLT institution is for the long-term.

Powerstock & District CLT Volunteer

The CLT is actually protecting the environment that makes the village work.

Christow CLT Volunteer

There are members of the CLT who I did not know previously and now know them, that is community-building.

Norton-sub-Hamdon CLT Volunteer

I believe in involving the entire community, not leaving it to one or two people to run the whole thing. 

Christow CLT Volunteer


The Wessex CLT Project was formed to research and promote the role of CLTs and, in that spirit of learning, Wessex Community Assets has looked more closely at the nature of local activism.

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Resilient Communities

The Friends Provident Foundation has funded Wessex Community Assets to explore how communities can become more resilient through using CLTs, by exploring the motivations of CLT volunteers and how CLTs adapt after their first project.

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Community Benefit Societies

Wessex Community Assets specialises in helping Community Land Trusts and other community groups to decide on their legal form, and in particular setting up a Community Benefit Society.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Community Land Trust?

Community Land Trusts (or CLTs) are community led organisations set up to own assets (such as housing, land, pubs, shops) for the benefit of that community. CLTs are run by local people and everyone living and working in the community should have the opportunity to join. The first project of a CLT is usually developing affordable homes for local people.

How do I set up a CLT?

Please do contact us for an informal conversation about setting up a CLT if your community is based in Somerset, Dorset or Devon. If your community is based elsewhere in England or Wales please contact the National CLT Network (www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk) for information on setting up a CLT and support services local to you.

Why do people set up CLTs?

All communities are different but some of the motivations we have identified are:

  • Local people can be very passionate about where they live and want to keep it as sustainable and thriving a community as possible – CLTs help to make communities more sustainable by enabling appropriate development and stewarding important local assets.
  • Wanting to achieve agreement within the community about the nature of development (since development can often be contentious and split communities)
  • Wanting influence of the nature of any development (over such things as where homes will be built, what they will look like, and the criteria for those selected to live in the homes)
What if there is no land available in our village?

Our experience is that once a CLT is formed and begins to look at sites and talk to local land owners, sites often come forward that previously were unavailable. One reason for this is that land owners can be attracted to the community benefit of selling land to a CLT for community led homes.

What if no other local people want to get involved?

Our experience is that people are attracted to volunteering for a CLT who might not have volunteered for other community activities. This could be because CLTs are very focused on one issue (at a time!)


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